Annual Globalisation Conference Invites Researchers to Submit Contributions

Annual Globalisation Conference Invites Researchers to Submit Contributions

Event Provides Opportunities to Showcase Work and Exchange Knowledge

How about presenting your research work to a highly qualified, diverse and international audience during Wittenborg’s vibrant Annual Globalisation Conference

The event will take place from 14 to 16 August, in Apeldoorn, and its call for papers and posters is open until 15 May (click here to access the registration and submission forms). Note, however, that paper and poster abstracts must be submitted by 1 April. General registration will be possible until 1 August.  

Authors will have the opportunity to submit works under the conference’s 10 key themes: 1) The Digital Revolution, 2) Global Trade and Economics, 3) Cultural Exchange in a Globalised World, 4) Migration Patterns, 5) Environmental Challenges, 6) Global Governance and Policy, 7) The Future of Work, 8) Ethics and Globalisation, 9) Global Health and Pandemics and 10) Education in a Globalised Era. 

Detailed information is available on the submission guidelines for papers and posters. Any queries regarding the submission process can be emailed to  

The papers and posters will be reviewed by a committee composed of Drs Ad Kil (Conference Chair), Rauf Abdul, Dadi Chen, Vanessa de Oliveira Menezes, Fahad Shakeel, Cha-Hsuan Liu and Muhammad Ashfaq.

Debating relevant questions

The conference will feature a robust interdisciplinary dialogue, blending insights from economics, political science, sociology, technology, environmental studies and cultural studies to provide a comprehensive understanding of globalisation. Renowned experts and thought leaders will deliver keynote speeches and participate in panel discussions, offering their valuable perspectives on global trends, challenges and opportunities. 

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, networking events and seminars, designed to foster deeper understanding and practical skills related to globalisation’s impact on various sectors. 

Eagerly anticipated are the cultural exchange sessions, which will celebrate the richness of diversity brought about by globalisation, including cultural performances, exhibitions and discussions on cultural identity and exchange. 

Wittenborg’s president Peter Birdsall highlights that the event also provides researchers with the option to publish their full works, which will be included in the Annual Globalisation Conference proceedings.  

“The conference will be a platform for scholars and practitioners to explore the complexities of our increasingly interconnected world, as well as showcase their work and exchange knowledge with each other. Discussing globalisation is fundamental, not only to understand the wonderful technological, cultural and social possibilities of our day but also to address the challenges currently faced by humankind, such as climate change, military conflicts and socio-economic inequalities.”

WUP 05/02/2024

by Ulisses Sawczuk  

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