WUAS staff pay a working visit to University of Brighton

This week Wittenborg programme coordinators paid a working visit to the University of Brighton, visiting three campuses - the business school in Brighton, the Falmer campus and the School of Service Management in Eastbourne.

During the visit to the business school at the Mithras House campus, Apeldoorn's University of Brighton programme coordinator Myra Qiu was joined by Carol Tarr, Amsterdam's coordinator of the bachelor's in Entrepreneurship to discuss ongoing development of the programme.

Wittenborg offers a double bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business at its Amsterdam location. Currently here are around 75 students enrolled in the programme, of which the final year is jointly delivered by Wittenborg and the University of Brighton.

 Wittenborg also offers 4 Master of Science programmes with its partner, as well as a double degree in international hospitality management, and discussed the development of these programmes as well as collaboration in the area of research.

 From 2018-2019 academic year, Wittenborg is looking forward to offering a jointly delivered Master of Education with the School of Education at the University of Brighton.

WUP 28/1/2018

by James Wittenborg

©Wittenborg University Press

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