WUAS to re-locate its Austrian location to new partner ITM in Bad Vöslau

WUAS to re-locate its Austrian location to new partner ITM in Bad Vöslau

Wittenborg to re-locate its Austrian study location to International Tourism Management College (ITM) in Bad Vöslau

WUAS has recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with the International Tourism Management College (ITM), which is situated 30 minutes from downtown Vienna, Austria in a spa resort town called Bad Vöslau. The college, known as ITM, is an Austrian government accredited College, that offers programmes in the fields of business hospitality and tourism.

Bachelor's Final Year in Hospitality Management

The cooperation agreement sees WUAS appointing ITM as its delivery partner for the final year of its bachelor's in international business administration pathway in hospitality management. The programme, is an intensive 90 EC credit top-up degree, that enables ITM students and other college students to gain a full bachelor’s degree. ITM is unique as it offers its state Austrian curriculum in English, specifically to a wide range of international students.


WUAS has now moved its relatively small bachelor's operations from Vienna, where it has been operating since 2016, to ITM in Bad Vöslau from the coming academic year, and is accepting applications into the final year, though its partner

Conference Hotel

ITM is located within a conference hotel, enjoying space and facilities to grow its school, whilst its teachers and students have access to a busy ‘working hotel’ surrounding them. ITM’s facilities allow students to gain a professional experience whilst following their academic studies, however the main work placement is often completed in world renowned hotels and restaurants in and around Vienna.

Bad Vöslau

Bad Vöslau is renowned for its water, the spa resorts and its own famous brand of drinking mineral water. It is situated in the centre of the Austrian wine growing region, and is well known for its special restaurants that serve local food and the best wines of the region.
WUAS hopes that the new partnership with ITM will also allow its Netherlands based students to continue to have the opportunity to spend a period of time studying in Austria, whilst giving the students who started their studies at ITM, the possibility to continue after graduation in the Netherlands.


WUAS hopes also to offer its joint University of Brighton Masters, in hospitality, tourism and event management in Austria, however according to WUAS’ partnerships office, going ahead with this depends on the outcome of Brexit.
An overview of the top-up programme can be found here.

WUP 10/12/2019
by James Wittenborg
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