WUAS Launches Collaboration with Inclusive Recruitment Platform Global People

WUAS Launches Collaboration with Inclusive Recruitment Platform Global People
(Left to right) Maggie Feng, Melvin Tjoe Nij and Sophia Faraji together at Wittenborg's Amsterdam campus

Promoting internationals on the Dutch job market

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is excited to announce that the most international business school in the Netherlands is collaborating with Global People, the largest inclusive recruitment network in the Netherlands. Recently at Wittenborg's Amsterdam campus, Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng and External Relations & Events Coordinator Sophia Faraji met with Melvin Tjoe Nij, who founded Global People around 17 years ago. The meeting saw Wittenborg and Global People discuss the ways in which both organisations can help one another and improve the diversity and multicultural capacities of the Dutch working world and help Wittenborg students gain more experience with the teachings of their academic modules, especially the Work Placement module.

The fruit of this collaboration between WUAS and Global People will come in the form of different workshops, lectures and help finding job vacancies, creating great additional value to Wittenborg students and alumni. The collaboration will help Global People get acquainted with talent at Wittenborg, generating a steady pool of graduates from over 100 nationalities across the globe. Wittenborg is happy to work alongside Global People to improve the position of professionals from diverse backgrounds within the Netherlands. The school is eager to see how the relationship will continue to grow for the benefit of its students, stakeholders and Dutch society at large.

About Global People

As mentioned, Global People is the largest multicultural recruitment platform in the Netherlands. For nearly two decades, the organisation has worked to increase the share of non-western workers on the Dutch job market. Currently, those with a non-western background only comprise 1-2% of leadership positions in business, government and media, according to Global People. Global People's mission is to make this percentage more reflective of the Netherlands' diverse population. The recruitment platform does this by generating a top-quality, inclusive, professional network, offering personal guidance and coaching to professionals and by hosting unique networking and recruitment events around the year.

On Friday, 12 May at 16:30, Global People will be organising its 7th annual Diversity Dinner in the Beatrix building in Utrecht. This is a networking event with incredible opportunities for those who sign up. More than 300 guests, with representatives from 30 companies, will meet to connect with each other to create a more inclusive working world in the Netherlands. Those interested can sign up here.

WUP 06/03/2023
by Olivia Nelson
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