WUAS Advisory Board Member a Pillar of the Community

WUAS Advisory Board Member a Pillar of the Community

WUAS Advisory Board Member Johan Kruithof is a Pillar of the Community

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) advisory board member Johan Kruithof (1952) has a long history of serving Apeldoorn, both as a politician for the Dutch social democratic party and as a private citizen.

As a member of the PvdA, the social democratic party of the Netherlands, he served as a member of the city council from 2002 to 2012 and as an alderman1 from 2012 to 2018. Having been a student during his time as an alderman, I witnessed first-hand the role he played in making sure that the city of Apeldoorn recognises the value that WUAS and its students add to the community. It made me proud to vote for him during the 2019 elections for the regional water authorities (waterschappen).

After retiring from politics, Kruithof did not retire from serving his community. He joined the advisory board of WUAS to play a continuing role in establishing Apeldoorn as an education hub. The WUAS Advisory Board plays an important part in the development and reflection process of the institution. Its role is to maintain an overview of the activities of WUAS within the realms of the strategic plan and to advise the Executive Board on its decisions, plans, proposals and operations.

A life after politics - making societal impact (SDG#1 - No Poverty)

In December of 2020, he became the new chairperson of the Food Bank Apeldoorn (Voedselbank Apeldoorn), in what must surely have been one of its most challenging times since its inception, once again displaying his lifelong commitment to fighting poverty. Apeldoorn Food Bank supports residents of Apeldoorn who cannot afford basic necessities such as food. Today, around 700 people a week depend on the food bank, which in turn depends on volunteers to keep its doors open. Kruithof points out that while it is shameful that food banks have to exist in a country as rich as the Netherlands, he is nevertheless proud of the work they do.  

An uncertain future for Food Bank Apeldoorn

Sadly, the food bank's future is currently in question. Not because it is not needed anymore, but because it will have to leave its current location to make room for real estate development by the end of next year. Whether or not it will find a new location that is both suitable and affordable is up in the air. However, if anyone will not give up on it and the people of Apeldoorn that depend on it, it is Johan Kruithof.  

If you would like to find out more about the food bank, you can go to this website: https://voedselbank-apeldoorn.nl/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7rGZ1rnx8gIVSwGLCh0xNAaTEAAYASAAEgK2fPD_BwE

In the Netherlands, the municipal politics are made up of the mayor, the municipal council and the aldermen. Together they share legislative power and they exercise the executive power of the municipal government.

WUP 10/9/2021
by Marius Zürcher
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