Worldproef International Culture Market

14 June 2015 11:00 – 17:000 (Oranjepark,  Apeldoorn)

“Apeldoorn WorldProef” is an international culture market with more than 40 stalls representing at least  10 different countries’ food, art, special products and services. Wittenborg University, whose staff and students represent more than 60 different nationalities, will also be represented at the market showcasing its different international programmes – both at Bachelor and Master level.


The event offers the opportunity to meet and get to know other cultures and it emphasises the meaning of collaboration between different countries and cultures. The countries represented at the market include China, Italy, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.  Altogether 6 Chinese hospitality companies will offer all sorts of Chinese food specialities while Italy will showcase Italian products, including freshly baked pizzas. Russia presents herself with literature, arts, special products and samples of the Russian kitchen.

There will also be products from the Indonesian, Thai and Turkish kitchen, French deli, German delights, a Canadian barbecue and, of course, the Dutch meals we all know and love. For more information visit the event website: Facebook: