Working Papers as Teaching Tools

Below are some examples of working papers published by Wittenborg University Press. WUAS stimulates its teaching staff to involve students and work with colleagues in preparing and presenting working papers to stimulate research in its taught undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

Wolters, T. (2014). Omslag in de langdurige zorg als organisatieverandering (A Turn in Dutch long-term Care as Organizational Change), Working Paper 2014/1. Apeldoorn: Wittenborg University Press. With an extended summary in English.
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Van den Boom, P. (2015). Organizational Culture on the Move. A Critical Review of Managing Cultural Change. Working Paper 2015/1. Apeldoorn: Wittenborg University Press.
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Schensema, E. en Wolters, T. (2016). De langdurige zorg beproefd op het vermogen tot aanpassing en vernieuwing. Rapport op basis van verandermanagement en onderzoek in zorgorganisatie De Goede Zorg te Apeldoorn. Working Paper 2016/1. Apeldoorn: Wittenborg University Press.
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EMAN paper JJB and TW Sust Strategy and Accounting etc

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