Wittenborg's Virtual Meet & Greet for New Students under Travel Restrictions

New Students Enthusiastic after Wittenborg Virtual Meet and Greet Event.

New Students Enthusiastic after Wittenborg Virtual Meet and Greet Event.

Last week, WUAS organised a virtual meet and greet with eight master's students and four bachelor's students from Iran, Tanzania, Nigeria and India, currently still in their home countries due to COVID-19-related travel  restrictions. This unique meet and greet involves several Wittenborg current students and staff members, who inform new students about Wittenborg’s study system and its online implementation during the pandemic.

Travel plans were the main topic of discussion at the event as many countries, including the Netherlands have now gradually started lifting their travel restrictions.  Everyone remains optimistic and confident that they will be able to start classes in late August.

Wittenborg is preparing to move all classes into school locations from autumn onwards with regards to the government guidelines about the number of students in each class session. However, Wittenborg will also continue to support all students online as needed for those who cannot attend classes on location due to travel restrictions or individual health concerns.

The twelve new students were very enthusiastic throughout the discussion. Questions and answers about life as International students, the Dutch language and sporting activities were raised and the chat room continued to be busy for hours after the virtual meet and greet event officially ended.

WUP 23/6/2020
by Sylvia Effendi
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