Wittenborg's Munich Campus Director Encourages Students to Get Vaccinated

Wittenborg's Munich Campus Director Encourages Students to Get Vaccinated

Update on COVID situation in Germany for Wittenborg Students and Prospective Students in Munich

The Campus Director of the New European College, Wittenborg's partner institute in Munich, has encouraged students and staff to get vaccinated in the institution's latest newsletter before it closed for the summer holiday, telling them "there's real light at the end of the tunnel". 

Sascha Liebhardt said Germany’s COVID numbers are at an all-time low. "Thanks to scientific advances and the available vaccines, we are slowly but steadily returning to normality. Although prudence is still the name of the game, we are seeing many of the restrictions of the last 18 months being lifted," according to Liebhardt.  A link to the current numbers in Germany can be found here.

Liebhardt also expressed his gratitude to the academic teams of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the International University of Applied Sciences, and his entire team and faculty at the New European College. "It was your hard work that made sure that our students could start, continue and finish their studies during these challenging times," he said.

Liebhardt also provided students and staff with a list of useful resources on the COVID-19 situation in Germany. "Many students have asked me how to get vaccinated in Bavaria. It is very simple, as early as July the Bavarian government lifted the prioritisation of the vaccination. That means everyone above the age of 12 can get a vaccination. All you need to do is to either register with your local Impfzentrum (vaccination centre) or make an appointment with your doctor. More information can be found on the website of the Bavarian vaccination centres.

"And since I am encouraging you to get vaccinated, before anyone asks, yes, I have been vaccinated," Liebhardt said.  

Many graduates from the Munich campus also received their diplomas at Wittenborg's 2021 Summer Graduation Ceremony held last week in hybrid mode.  

WUP 22/7/2021
by James Wittenborg
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