Wittenborg's Latest Study Destination, Munich, has Booming Economy

Why Wittenborg and the New European College Makes a Good Match

Why Wittenborg and the New European College Makes a Good Match

An agreement between WUAS and the New European College (NEC) in Germany means students can now also study in Munich. We asked the managing director of NEC, Sascha Liebhardt, what makes Munich such a great student city and why he thinks the two institutions are a good match. 

Hi Sascha. Why were you interested in pursuing this partnership?

"The first time I met Peter Birdsall (Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board) I was deeply impressed by his passion for the success of his students and his faculty. Much of our conversation centred around how to create a focused learning environment that prepares students for their futures. We both agreed that in a world full of digital distractions, students need a modern academic program that engages them, motivates them, and by this secures their sustainable employability.

Wittenborg's Latest Study Destination, Munich, has Booming Economy

"Coming together was the logical consequence of a common philosophy focusing on the future of our students, and a contemporary academic approach to higher business education."

How well do you think Dutch education will fare in a German city?

"This is the spirit of the European Union and globalisation. Study in the language that is spoken throughout the business world, an innovative business program developed by a university of applied sciences from the Netherlands in the economic hub of Germany – Munich – with an international student body. No doubt a truly unique opportunity for students from around the whole world."

What can international students studying in Munich look forward to?

"Munich offers students a fascinating combination of the traditional Bavarian lifestyle, exemplified by the famous Oktoberfest, and a booming high-tech economy with the highest density of stock-noted companies in Germany. In 2018 Monocle Magazine named Munich ‘most liveable city’ in the world. It is home to global players like BMW, Allianz, Siemens and many more, as well as start-up companies, large corporations and small to medium-size enterprises.  

"Thanks to the booming economy Munich has the lowest unemployment rate among all large German cities. 27% of its inhabitants are foreign nationals and contribute to Munich’s open and vibrant culture scene. As regards Munich’s parks, one of the world’s largest parks is literally less than 10-minutes' walk from the city centre, offering students the perfect work-study balance."

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WUP 23/08/2019
by Anesca Smith
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