Wittenborg's Academic Staff Poster Presentation for PGCert Programme

Wittenborg's Academic Staff Poster Presentation for PGCert Programme

The programme – to improve teaching quality and continuous professional development

Initiated by Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, in collaboration with the institution's UK academic partner, the University of Brighton, the programme commenced in September of last year. It is a one-year programme offered by lecturers from the University of Brighton. The programme aims to bolster the quality of teaching and improve student experience in the classroom, while providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Wittenborg's academic staff - areas that are of the highest importance for Wittenborg and its goal of maintaining a position in the international market for quality education.  Wittenborg is, consequently, investing heavily in such programmes.

The Presentation

As part of their course module Education Enquiry, Wittenborg's academic staff were required to develop individual research topics and present findings in a poster presentation to the group on Monday, 4th June. There were eight participants during this week's presentation, supervised by two of Brighton's representatives.  Some interesting topics were presented such as "Improving students' engagement with scientific literature for final project research", by Dr. Rauf Abdul, and "Investigating how the individual process tutoring system motivates students to build up personal development plans to enhance students' study progress", by Myra Qiu.

When asked what were the challenging aspects encountered during this module, Ms. Qiu responded that, because some colleagues were participating in the development of the poster for the first time, many found it challenging. It required a high level of creative thinking with a scientific approach, while keeping it interesting at the same time.  In addition, the whole learning process and development of the poster also provided the opportunity to learn from colleagues in a social atmosphere. This was deemed beneficial for the implementation of the poster presentation for the future teaching and learning process.

Wittenborg's Academic Staff Poster Presentation for PGCert Programme

Master of Arts (MA) in Education available to external applicants

In collaboration with its academic partner in the UK, the University of Brighton, which recently approved the programme, Wittenborg will be offering the Master of Arts (MA) in Education to all external applicants, commencing in October of this year.  The institution is also looking into approval for a bachelor's degree level of the programme.   

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By Rousanna Baird
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