Wittenborg Updates EEG, Including Tighter Exam Rules

Wittenborg Updates EEG, Including Tighter Exam RulesStudents neglecting to register for exams and those who regularly skip classes will have to face the music in the new academic year.

WUAS has just published its Education & Examination Guides (EEG) for the 2017-18 academic year, containing several updates - including tighter measures against students who shrug off policies meant to assess their study progress. This pertains to Wittenborg’s Bachelor IBA, EBA and HBA programmes.

Information added in the EEG 2017-18 under the General Assessment Policy (Part 5) includes the following statement: “Students have to register online for their examinations – separately for each module. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to take part in the examination.” In other words, no registration = no exam.

Other rules demand a lesson attendance rate of at least 80%.

Students should also note that if they register for exams but fail to show up, they will get zero marks for the exam.

The rules have also changed for those who perform poorly in their exams. Students who get a score of 4 or lower for their exams will now be compelled to re-attend classes for a module in order to do an exam re-take. In the past, re-attendance of a class to re-take an exam was not compulsory. Only those who score higher than 4 will be allowed to re-take the exams without attending classes.

Finally, latecomers should take note that they will not be allowed entry to the examination hall once the doors are closed. In other words, no student will be allowed after 08:55am for morning exams or 13:25pm for the afternoon exams.

The latest Education & Examination Guides (EEG) can be found here.

WUP 08/09/2017

by Anesca Smith
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