Wittenborg University Students in Shanghai - Day 4

Wittenborg-University-Students-visit-China-June-2014-Day-4Today was a very interesting day. Our  journey started off with a visit to the instrumental factory,  it was Amazing! The factory consisted of the many Chinese instruments, the Gu zheng (harp), Sheng (flute),  and the Anklung. We saw the handmade   construction which was very impressive. We saw the employees testing the Sheng (flute) and many more instruments. We were astonished with the employees and their hard work. The employees day started at 8:00 to 11:30 or 12:00 to 3:30. 

Wittenborg University Students in Shanghai - Day 4

After the factory, we headed to the downtown campus of SBS for lunch. They had traditional Chinese food, which was very fulfilling. 

Wittenborg University Students in Shanghai - Day 4 Food!

After that, we headed back to the campus for our lecture. The lecture was about retailing. We enjoyed the lecture very much. The lecturer had discussed the many strategies and process of retailing in China. Everyone joined the discussions and had many questions. After the lecture, we discussed how much we all enjoyed the way classes are taught here in China. We enjoyed the fact that teachers went straight to the point and how we processed many information and so little time.

Wittenborg University Students in Shanghai - Day 4 The TowerWe headed back to the hotel to wash up and prepare to go to visit the oriental TV tower. First, we had dinner. After all the rice we've been having for the last couple of days, we've decided to have McDonalds. We then took the ferry from the Bund to get to the oriental tower.

Wittenborg University Students in Shanghai - Day 4! See you all soon!When we reached the top, we were amazed by the view. The view was stunning to the extent where we didn't want to leave. We took many (many!) pictures together. We especially enjoyed the glass floors and had our laughs. The oriental towers were definitely worth seeing. We decided to end the day early with some ice cream and the view of the tower and then headed back to the hotel. Our day was well spent! See you all soon!

WUP 7/6/2014

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