Wittenborg University Student Delegation in China

Business School Students in ShanghaiA Delegation of Wittenborg Business School students has arrived in Shanghai to visit partner institute the Shanghai Business School and get a taste of Chinese life Shanghai style. The group arrived on Sunday and will stay until Saturday.

Students Grigorios Pavlidis and Debora Heiderich who were 'group leaders' on day one, sent the following short report of the day:

'For two days now, Wittenborg students have been roaming around the window of China a.k.a. Shanghai. On Monday, the students visited the Shanghai Business School and were warmly welcomed by the management of the institution of merely 11,000 students.

During the introduction, Wittenborg students got to enjoy a short but insightful presentation about the amazing metropolis and the educational institution itself, of course. As business students, the facts that impressed us the most were the 10 year 10% annual growth, that the city of 23 million is experiencing, and the investments of over 100 countries in 30 thousand projects that helps the city achieve its goal to be the economical, financial, trade and shipping centre of China.

The welcoming presentation was followed by a lovely Shangainese meal, typical lunch menus enjoyed by the locals. After that, classes of Chinese took place. Mispronounced vowels and consonants went flying through the room in search of the correct pronounciation, "best international class I have ever had" said the teacher, Wittenborg students nailed it.

At night Shanghai is truly impressive, making us wonder if New York is the only city that never sleeps. Skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and taxis with touch screens are only a few of the astonishing things experienced by Wittenborg students, especially for those who have never visited China before and does definitely put any sort of stigmas aside, forever. We look forward in enjoying more of this city and will make sure it will be an experience forever carved in our thoughts.'

WUP 28/5/2012