Wittenborg University signs party to the Akkoord van Beekbergen

WUAS in the Stedendriehoek and part of the Akkoord van BeekbergenWUP 10/7/2013 Before the Summer break, Wittenborg signs party to agreement aiming to reduce unemployment in Stedendriehoek In June 2013, WUAS signed party to the Akkoord van Beekbergen, an agreement seeking to create a sustainable labour market in the Stedendriehoek - the region comprising Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zuthpen. One of its main goals is for the region to have the lowest unemployment level in the Netherlands by 2015.

Councillor Johan Kruithof and Director Peter Birdsall - Akkoord van BeekbergenWittenborg  University’s  director, Peter Birdsall, signed the agreement along with  26 other representatives in  education, business and local government. Hereby committing Wittenborg to work with these stakeholders in achieving the goals set out in the Strategische Agenda Stedendriehoek around education and labour.

The  aim  is  to  create a  healthy  and  sustainable  labour  market  where employers are able to fill vacancies swiftly  and qualitatively.

Councilor Johan Kruithof pointed out: “For years there have been more jobs available than candidates to fill  them in the Stendendriehoek.  High-skilled workers from outside shuttle to and from the region while the low-skilled  sits at home, jobless. With the Akkoord  van Beekbergen we aim to balance out the demand and supply side.”

The four goals set out in the agreement are:

• Striving to be the region with the lowest unemployment in the Netherlands by developing and utilizing labour potential in the Stendendriehoek to the maximum.

• To ensure each and every vacancy is filled  swiftly. Demand in the labour market should guide the supply by educators so that training is provided in accordance to need in the job market.

   • All jobseekers should have a minimum  starter qualification.

• To actively assist those who find themselves on the margins of the labour market.

Currently  14 projects have been shortlisted and classified according to two themes: Stedendriehoek Leert (training) and Stendendriehoek Werkt (works).

These projects will  be implemented  under the auspices of the Strategische Board Stedendriehoek.

Under   the   theme  “Stedendriehoek   Leert”   industry    and   educational institutes will  cooperate so that students in the last phase of their studies will be able to  apply  their  knowledge  in  practice  at  businesses in  the Stedendriehoek.

WUP 10/7/2013

by Anesca Smith

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