Wittenborg University commended at Cleantech Event for its "user-friendly" economic tools


WUAS commended at Cleantech Event for its "user-friendly" economic toolsWUAS received high praise at the Cleantech Tomorrow Event this week for the economic tools it has developed to inspire innovative business ideas in the clean energy field and to encourage SME’s to get engaged in the use of green energy.

University director, Maggie Feng, said attendees were especially impressed with the usability of the tools which is set to be available online within the next two weeks.

WUAS commended at Cleantech Event for its "user-friendly" economic toolsWittenborg presented the economic tools as partner in the in the cross-border, EU-funded GREAT-project which aims to encourage communities as well as small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) to develop technological solutions for Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and Distributive Generation.

The annual Cleantech Tomorrow Event took place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Apeldoorn. The event focused on the use and production of clean technology by companies, the public sector and individuals. This year the emphasis was on natural resources and food production. On Tuesday about 120 Science and Technology students from different schools in the Apeldoorn region attended the event. One of the highlights of the day was a presentation by world-renowned explorer, Robert Swan, on his Stichting 2041 project. Three students accompanied Swan last year on an expedition to Antartica.

Wittenborg presented the economic tools at a Cleantech-workshop on Wednesday together with Oost NV which is also a partner in the GREAT-project. The workshop attracted a mixed audience, including representatives from SME’s, medium-to-large sized enterprises, the public sector and educational institutes.

The GREAT-project further promotes research and develop policy issues for regulatory authorities and provide structured co-operation opportunities between SMEs, research institutes and technology developers.

Dr Saskia Harkema at Cleantech 2015 in Apeldoorn for WUASAs part of the project, Wittenborg is developing economic tools to inform and encourage SME’s to get further engaged in the use of green energy, stimulating investment in human capital, essential for the regional and national economy. Besides the Netherlands, the other partners in the GREAT-project are from Ireland, the UK and Belgium.

The workshop sought to inspire innovative business opportunities in the clean energy field but also serve as a matchmaking session between companies and those who have experience in the international energy market or looking for access to the market.

It was opened by Jan Jonker from Oost NV who introduced the GREAT project as a way of stimulating internationalization and renewable, sustainable energy area in North West Europe. He also made an introduction about Smart Grid Alliances, Oost NV and its role in the GREAT project.

WUAS Director, Wittenborg student Nindya, and the Indonesian embassy delegation at Cleantech 2015 in Apeldoorn.This was followed by a talk from Wittenborg director, Maggie Feng, and senior lecturer, Saskia Harkema, who introduced Wittenborg, its wide international reach and research center as well as its role in the GREAT-project to the audience.

Harkema also talked about the value of the economic tools it has developed for SME’s.

In addition companies were informed about vouchers available if they wish to explore the international market in the clean energy field. This includes vouchers for:

Market Opportunities (2 000 euros)

·         Expert advice international opportunities

·         Participation international events in NW Europe

Matchmaking (4 000 euros)

·         Contact/visit potential partners in NW Europe

·         Partner search and matchmaking advice

·         Meetings, setup potential partnership

 Consortia Building (6 000 euros)

·         Organising consortium

·         Preparing a tender or bid

·         Technical and legal support

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