Nay-sayers to Vaccine want More Information on Safety

Nay-sayers to Vaccine want More Information on Safety

Wittenborg Students and Staff Divided on COVID-19 Vaccine

As countries around the world start rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine, an anonymous survey among WUAS' international students and staff members revealed deep divisions on whether they will take the vaccine when it becomes available to them. Closer questioning showed that many of those doubts stem from being worried about potential "side effects".

Small Majority in Favour of Vaccine

Of the more than 110 students and staff who took the survey so far, the majority (42%) intend to take the vaccine when it becomes available; albeit a small majority, because 35% say they will not take it. A further 23% is undecided. Many of the participants indicated that they need more information about the safety of the vaccine and how it works.

The participants are from 40 different countries and almost equally divided in terms of gender. One wrote: "I would take the vaccine only for the sake of society – so that vulnerable people won't be affected by me – or to avoid travel restrictions, but definitely not just for my own safety."

Another wrote: "It depends on the information available at the time: Are there any side-effects? How long would it protect me for? Do we still need to reach herd immunity?" Many indicated that they would not rush to take it, but wait to see more results.

The students and staff who participated are from Australia, India, China, Vietnam, Italy, Syria, Iran, Nigeria, Brazil, Persia, Chile, the US, Israel, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Serbia, Guatemala, Bonaire, Morocco, Georgia, Indonesia, Libya, Albania, Luxemburg, Romania, Haiti, the UK, Germany, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Sweden, Peru, Malawi, Portugal and Cameroon.

WUP 28/12/2020
by Anesca Smith
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