Wittenborg Student Lands Job at Indonesian Embassy

Wittenborg Student Lands Job at Indonesian Embassy

Volunteering Makes you a Strong Job Candidate, says Student Who Got Internship at Embassy

Volunteering can make you a stronger job candidate if you are hoping to get hired. Wittenborg student Bertha Tanaem is proof of this theory - she just landed a great internship at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. 

How did the internship come about?

"As a student from Indonesia in the Netherlands, you can join the Indonesian Student Association in The Netherlands called PPI Belanda, which has 16 locations throughout the country. Since my first year, I have played volleyball for PPI in Wageningen against other branches of the organisation. I also like to volunteer, so did a number of volunteering jobs for PPI Belanda and others that interest me.

"Playing volleyball and volunteering helped me to establish a network of contacts - also in the Indonesian embassy. During one event, I mentioned to embassy staff members that I am looking for an internship starting in August. And here I am."

What does the job entail?

"Primarily, as an intern in Economic Affairs, I do research, analyse and write reports regarding economic development in the Netherlands - macro-economics, business and investment. Secondly, I support any task that needs to be done, such as preparing meeting material, attending meetings, and supporting the events coordinator for upcoming events."

How were the first weeks on the job?

"My internship is for 3 months (full-time). It has been a while since I've had a 9 - 5 routine. The first two weeks were super hard, and I had to adjust to the new routine, including the daily commute from Zwolle, where I am living, to The Hague."

How do you apply what you learned at Wittenborg to your job?

"I just smiled when, during a recent market intelligence meeting, a PowerPoint slide about SWOT analysis popped up. Just when I thought I could get away from PESTLE & SWOT analysis, these two frameworks never left me! Wittenborg allows me to explore the theoretical way of doing business that I can apply to my own business, Ayotupas Handmade. At the embassy, I combine the two."

WUP 11/11/2019
by Anesca Smith
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