Wittenborg Student Investigates Impact of AI on Content Management

Wittenborg Student Investigates Impact of AI on Content Management

MBA Thesis by Arezoo Rostamzad Analyses Use of AI by News Agencies

With years of experience in content creation and content management in both Iran and the Netherlands, Wittenborg graduate Arezoo Rostamzad has witnessed first-hand how artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the industry. Seeking to combine her professional experience with her studies, Arezoo decided to write her Master of Business Administration thesis on this topic.  

Arezoo says that AI is changing all traditional business routines, and various industries are being influenced by its advancements. “My main goal was to understand the impact of AI-generated content (AIGC) on content creation processes, and how this affects content management agility. Additionally, this study provided me with the opportunity to integrate my professional background with the management knowledge I gained at Wittenborg.” 

Arezoo’s study is based on a quantitative research method. To gather her data, she used an online survey composed of 28 questions that was administered to 125 content creators responsible for producing textual and multimedia content for Iranian news agencies.  

The questions addressed several topics, including the extent and method of using AIGC in content creation. Participants were also asked about their opinions on the impact of AI-generated content on content management agility, considering its five dimensions: speed of content creation, editorial accuracy, credibility of content, quality of content and efficiency of content creation.  

The graduate highlights that one of the main challenges she had to face while conducting her research was the lack of academic sources defining the concept of Content Management Agility.  

“So, based on my professional knowledge and available resources, I formulated this concept and identified its dimensions. Additionally, due to the absence of a standardised questionnaire in this area, I had to develop and standardise it myself. These challenges, however, were very engaging for me, and the research process was really interesting.” 

Arezoo explains that her study assessed the impact of AI-generated content on each of the five dimensions identified. Previously, she hypothesised that the studied news agencies would increase the speed and efficiency of content creation, as well as editorial accuracy, through the use of AIGC. However, she also anticipated a decrease in content quality and credibility. 

“The results showed that, contrary to the hypotheses, AIGC has a positive and direct impact on all dimensions of content management agility and, consequently, on overall content management agility.” 

After a break focused on self-development, Arezoo is looking for new professional opportunities. “I am ready to resume my career and explore new opportunities in international settings,” she says.  

WUP 17/05/2024 
by Ulisses Sawczuk 
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