Wittenborg Senior Lecturer Becomes Associate Editor of International Journal

Wittenborg Senior Lecturer Becomes Associate Editor of International Journal

Mustafa Üç Collaborating with Peer-Reviewed Publication ‘Accounting and Finance Research’

Wittenborg Senior Lecturer Mustafa Üç has contributed to international peer-reviewed journal ‘Accounting and Finance Research’ as an associate editor and reviewer. Üç was involved in Volume 13, issue number 1 of the publication, which is available on this link. Among other topics, the articles featured in this edition cover fintechs in Malaysia, tax compliance behaviour, digital financial literacy, optimal retirement age and the influence of corporate governance on working capital management.  

While Üç had previously reviewed other publications including ‘Accounting and Finance Research’, this is the first time he takes up the position of associate editor in an academic journal, having been formally invited to it. As such, his tasks include reviewing articles, making suggestions to the editorial team and promoting the journal in the academic community. 

In his view, this kind of work is very beneficial for professionals involved in academic research and teaching. “I find these editorial tasks very important since reviewing different submissions provides me with the opportunity to update my academic skills and follow the contemporary trends in research on accounting and finance. On top of that, this enables me to contribute directly to the quality of academic studies in my field,” he highlights.  

Üç’s main research area is accounting theory and international accounting. Currently, he is studying the implementation of the true and fair view (TFV) override principle in transition economies. This refers to the practice of accounting standards that must follow premises leading to the best possible, true and appropriate representation of companies’ financial position and performance.

Editorial line of the journal

Published by Sciedu Press, ‘Accounting and Finance Research’ features research articles that are original, hypothetical and theoretical in their nature. These works provide exploratory insights into the fields of accounting, corporate finance, investment, insurance, monetary banking, stock exchange, capital markets and other subjects. The journal is available in both online and printed versions.

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by Ulisses Sawczuk 
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