Wittenborg Returns to Lithuania and Latvia

Wittenborg Returns to Lithuania and Latvia

Mykhailo Huba shares highlights from the Baltic Education and Career Fair 

Wittenborg's Admissions Manager, Mykhailo Huba, recently showcased the school's many offerings at the Baltic Education and Career Fair, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, and in Riga, Latvia, on 2 and 3 March.

The event, organised by educational services leader Kalba, provided a platform for prospective students to explore educational opportunities in various countries, including Germany, Ireland, Norway, the UK, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, the USA, Switzerland and, of course, the Netherlands.

Reflecting on the experience, Huba offered insight into the event's highlights and the unique charm of Vilnius and Riga. "The standout at the event was the organisation itself and the students who visited Wittenborg's booth," he remarked.

During the fair, Huba had the opportunity to explain Wittenborg's unique selling points in depth, including its six entries per year. He also informed prospective students about life in the Netherlands, the current housing situation and scholarships.

Huba further explained that attendees in the Baltic region responded very positively to the offerings and opportunities at Wittenborg. "Most of them are interested in studying in the Netherlands. Wittenborg turned out to be an attractive option for them."

Huba shared that Vilnius and Riga also left a lasting impression on him. "Lithuania and Latvia are somewhat like Belgium and the Netherlands; they are quite similar in terms of culture, language and customs. What is common for both is that the youth is generally progressive and does not have an 'old mindset'. Almost everyone that I have met there speaks good English, and they are very knowledgeable about the current situation in the world."

Kalba also shared that the exhibition was more successful than ever – with well over a thousand students and their parents interested in the possibilities of studying abroad. "The full halls of young people and all of the consultations with representatives show that interest in studying abroad is constantly growing."  

WUP 27/03/2024

by Erene Roux

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