Wittenborg Now Member of New Business Graduates Association (BGA)

Wittenborg Now Member of New Business Graduates Association (BGA)

BGA to Focus on Responsible Management, Positive Impact and Lifelong Learning

WUAS has become a member of the newly launched Business Graduates Association (BGA), an accreditation organisation that will expect its members to prove their commitments to social responsibility, diversity, equality and lifelong learning.

BGA is a sister brand of the British accreditation giant AMBA (the Association of MBAs), of which Wittenborg became a member last year and is on track to gain accreditation for its MBA programmes.

Unlike AMBA though, BGA will credit business schools as a whole and not only MBA programmes. Thus, membership is open to schools offering business programmes from undergraduate courses upwards whether they are AMBA-accredited or non-AMBA schools.

Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, said: "A network of international business schools will enable individual schools to tap into a wealth of experience, knowledge and prospective manpower that will benefit the wider community.

"The services offered to members are focused on networking, collaborative sharing of data, and 'best practice'. BGA will offer us a platform that will assist us in continuing our development as a steadily growing international institute."

Andrew Main Wilson, CEO of AMBA BGA, told PIE News that business schools which “clearly demonstrate a passion for practical, entrepreneurial business education with a proven commitment to social responsibility and sustainability” across all program modules will be welcome members to BGA.

“BGA will focus on providing educational membership, validation and accreditation across the entire program portfolios of high-quality business schools. We will also offer free individual BGA membership to the students and alumni of our BGA schools.”

Wittenborg and the Rotterdam School of Management from Erasmus University are two of the Dutch institutions that have gained BGA membership.

WUP 25/3/2019
by James Wittenborg
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