Wittenborg MSc Graduates Receive Degrees from Brighton University

Wittenborg's latest Master of Science graduates received their formal degrees on Friday at the University of Brighton's 2018 Winter Graduation Ceremony in the UK. Wittenborg offers its MSc programmes in conjunction with Brighton. Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, was also in attendance to support graduates.

Wittenborg MSc Graduates Receive Degrees from Brighton University

The Graduation ceremony was led by Brighton's Vice Chancellor, Professor Debra Humphris, who highlighted the great importance of higher education, to society, the economy and the development of towns, cities and countries. Professor Humphris, who congratulated each degree awardee on stage, also highlighted the importance of life-long learning, and after the ceremony took the time to personally congratulate Wittenborg's students with a photo opportunity.


Wittenborg MSc Graduates Receive Degrees from Brighton University

Wittenborg has 12 master's degree graduates this winter, and held its own graduation ceremony last week. The graduates are Thomas Daniel Janssen (Netherlands), Brenda Evan Uzoma (Nigeria), Yingjiao Wang (China), Gabriella Margarita Gomez (El Salvadore), Janice Calista (Indonesia), Yuchi Wei (China), Szu Yi Lui (Taiwan), Jinendra Gooneratne (Sri Lanka), Nadine Weltevreden (Netherlands), Nadia Deandra Indradi (Indonesia), Grace Ofodie (Nigeria) and Sanjay Shrestha (Nepal).

Of these, Nadia, Brenda and Jinendra attended the Brighton ceremony on Friday. Raymon Driessen, who graduated from Wittenborg's IBA (entrepreneurship) programme in February 2016, is also a Brighton master's degree graduate after attending the university's Business School, where he studied management and entrepreneurship. He was happy to meet up with the Wittenborg group.

Another Brighton graduate this year (Master of Science in International Event Management) was Wittenborg's Vienna Campus coordinator Luise Wagner, who joined Wittenborg after having studied in Eastbourne.


Wittenborg MSc Graduates Receive Degrees from Brighton University

As far as future plans are concerned, Brenda said: "I intend to gain as much international experience as I can, and then return to Nigeria sometime to re-start and build my events company on a better scale."

Janssen said: "For the next few years, I will remain in the Netherlands. However, after a few years I really want to live and work in Australia and/or New Zealand together with my girlfriend for one or two years."

Janice has similar plans: "I will be staying in the Netherlands, apply for the orientation year and gain some experience in the Netherlands."

Wittenborg currently works with the Schools of Business, of Service Management & Sport and of Education at the University of Brighton, and also with the Centre of Teaching & Learning, for staff development and academic support.

WUP 18/2/2018

By James Wittenborg
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