Wittenborg Lecturer Wins Award for Research on Indian Companies

Wittenborg Lecturer Wins Award for Research on Indian Companies

Research Looks at How Indian Companies can Become World Class

During the recent British Academy of Management 2019 Conference, Wittenborg lecturer Dr André de Waal won the "Best Full Paper Award" for research in the Performance Management track, along with his co-author, Neetu Yadav.  

De Waal, who is academic director of the High Performance Organization (HPO), joined WUAS this autumn. He lectures modules in Wittenborg's Master in Business Management programme. De Waal is considered an expert in his field, and over the years has published 25 books and hundreds of articles on the subject of why some organisations outperform others for a sustained period of time.

Wittenborg Lecturer Wins Award for Research on Indian Companies

His and Yadav's paper looks at how well Indian organisations currently perform compared to those in other Asian countries and what Indian companies need to focus on to become truly world class.

"In this article, we investigate the answers on these two questions using the HPO Framework - a scientifically holistic improvement framework - developed on data collected worldwide, that evaluates whether organisations are high-performing, and if not, what they need to focus on to achieve the HPO status," an abstract from the paper reads.

The study also carries out a comparison of HPO scores of Indian organisations with HPO scores of companies operating in various Asian countries. The findings reveal that the average HPO score of Indian organisations, 7.3, is among the highest in Asia. At the same time, the research results indicated that Indian companies need to specifically work on strengthening the characteristics of the HPO factor “Long-Term Orientation” in order to become full-blown and sustainable world-class leading high-performance organisations.

WUP 23/10/2019
by James Wittenborg
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