Wittenborg Lecturer Highlights UAS' Role in Driving International Students to the Netherlands

Dadi Chen

"Multi-culturalism will push the Netherlands into a New Golden Era"

The phenomenal growth of international students in the Netherlands and the role of universities of applied sciences in attracting them is highlighted by Wittenborg Amsterdam lecturer, Dr Dadi Chen, in an opinion piece he wrote for RNW Media’s Chinese website Helanonline. The group cooperates with many Chinese news outlets, including Phenix Media in Hong Kong and KLM magazine.

A New Golden Era

He uses WUAS, where 85% of students are international,  as an example of a private, vocational education institution which has grown into one of the most international universities of applied sciences (HBOs) in the Netherlands.

Over the years, the Netherlands has become one of the most developed countries in the world in the vocational education system.  "Since 2014, a hogeschool (HBO), a professional higher education institution, can provide a bachelor's and master's degree equivalent to a research university. The university of applied sciences in the Netherlands has not only become one of the mainstream directions for students in the country, but also attracts international students from all over the world. I believe multiculturalism will push the Netherlands into a new golden era."


Universities of Applied Sciences are More in Tune with Market Needs

Universities of Applied Sciences are More in Tune with Market Needs

"Unlike traditional research universities, the courses offered by the University of Applied Sciences are more closely linked to market needs and the personal development of students, and there are more practical opportunities."

Institutes will also often work with local governments, businesses and other institutions to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience. "For instance, students from the Wittenborg and ING campuses recently collaborated with the local City Hall to design commercial promotion and innovative solutions that meet local development goals, including plans to illuminate landmarks in the area with various lighting effects. These have been praised by the City Hall's investment promotion consultants, and the students are full of confidence."

Chen also quotes Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, who said: "In the job market, foreign students have many inherent advantages. The international students themselves are eager to adapt to international life. As soon as they get off the plane, they start bravely and independently exploring new environments. Their visions and perspectives are free from the stereotypes of local culture, open, new and unique. Actions are also more pioneering. Dutch international companies hope to recruit more such talents."

The full article can be read here.

WUP 20/11/018

by Anesca Smith
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