Wittenborg Guest Lecture Series: Alumna Shares Experience of Ethical Decision-Making & Cultural Perspectives in Business

Wittenborg Guest Lecture Series: Alumna Shares Experience of Ethical Decision-Making & Cultural Perspectives in Business

Ainaz Faraji Captivates Students with an Immersive Journey of Her experiences in the World of Business

On 17 January, as part of a Guest Lecture Series at Wittenborg, Ainaz Faraji, an accomplished Wittenborg alumna, captivated students with an immersive journey of her diverse experiences in the world of business. Through her impactful lecture, Pre-Master students were engaged in a dynamic session with her through active discussions and sharing of experiences.

Faraji, who is currently a Consultant with Capgemini, shared her insights ranging from HR to Project Management, and delved into the core of ethical considerations in organisational dynamics. She was invited by Wittenborg's Deputy Head of School of Business, Dr Dadi Chen, for his module 'Research Methods and Business Ethics'.

During the one-hour session, Faraji dived into the core of ethical considerations in organisational dynamics, and offered thought-provoking perspectives on the implications of ethical behaviour. She expertly navigated the challenges arising from cultural diversity within international companies, presenting her points with compelling real-life examples of ethical dilemmas.

The session was not merely a one-way delivery, as students actively contributed to the discussion by sharing their own experiences, leading to a vibrant exchange of ideas. Faraji kindly provided insightful feedback to the students, and emphasised the significance of holding to their own personal core values. She asserted that not every aspect of an employee's daily life is covered by laws and regulations and there are many grey areas. She also urged students to consider the moral principles that transcend rulebooks as even a subtle change in the ethical conduct could resonate throughout an entire organisation.

Chen complemented Faraji's insights by sharing his own encounters with daily ethical dilemmas and the strategies he employs to navigate them successfully. The fusion of practical experiences from both the guest lecturer and the host added to the learning process.

Bhuvanesh Vemulapalli, an MBM (MSc) student from India, who specialises in Digital Marketing, expressed how the session provided valuable insights into the way the Western world approaches ethical dilemmas, contrasting with practices in the East. Similarly, Iranian student Amir Mahjoubifard, who specialises in Hospitality Management, highlighted the importance of such activities as it helps to familiarise students with the new international work environment.

Despite residing two hours away from Apeldoorn, Faraji expressed her gratitude for the invitation, stating that the interaction with students brought her a sense of joy and fulfilment. She underscored the commitment of Wittenborg as an institute of higher education to include ethics as one of its values, and that she enjoyed the opportunity to reinforce these principles among the students.  

WUP 20/02/2024

by Arvin Gharib

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