Wittenborg & the Growing Need for Young Entrepreneurs

Wittenborg & the Growing Need for Young Entrepreneurs

Today, entrepreneurship amongst young, ambitious people is spreading rapidly throughout the global business world. The Netherlands, for example, currently counts 150,000 registered young entrepreneurs. This new generation, with the majority comprised of bachelor's degree holders, is partly driven by the global economic crisis, making it vital to get involved in (part-time) entrepreneuring. However, a more important factor at play is business-oriented education.

In the coming years, the so-called ‘Baby Boom Generation’ will retire. Naturally, the entrepreneurs in this group need good, modern replacements. In order to make this replacement fruitful, these new, young entrepreneurs need to be educated through relevant, up-to-date and internationally oriented business studies. The new business generation values entrepreneurship for several of its characteristics: sticking your neck out, grabbing opportunities, calculating and taking risks, and of course, freedom.

Wittenborg’s Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) Bachelor programme fully incorporates the above-mentioned characteristics, resulting in a valuable package focused upon a range of entrepreneurial skills and competencies:

  • Sales and Lead management;
  • Leadership;
  • Motivating teams;
  • Strategic thinking, and;
  • Multi-tasked focusing.

The programme enables graduates to enter professions as independent entrepreneurs or supporting intrapreneurs within organisations. Aimed at business students who aspire to work independently and have a feel for innovation and entrepreneurship, the EBA programme will play an important, contributory role to the future growth of ‘young entrepreneurship’.