Wittenborg Gets its First Set of Twins

Wittenborg Gets its First Set of Twins

Just don't Expect Them to Dress and Act Alike

You might do a double take when you run into Vietnamese brothers Xuong Long Truong and The Long Truong (18) at WUAS’ Apeldoorn campus – the pair represent the first set of twins to study here.

And to add an extra twist to the mix: their older sister, Xao Tien Vuong, will also be studying at Wittenborg at the same time. All three siblings joined Wittenborg in mid-May and all are in different programmes and phases of their study.

While Xuong Long is doing an IBA in Economics & Management, his brother, The Long, is in the Foundation Phase programme. Meanwhile Xao Tien is doing a MBA in Hospitality & Service Management.

However, if you’re waiting for the twins to dress and act alike, you are in for a huge disappointment. They definitely have different personalities, Xuong – who is a lot more talkative then both his brother and sister – assures us.

“We chose to study in the Netherlands, because it has a wonderful reputation in the education sector. It has also particularly invested in international students and has many English programmes to choose from. We chose Wittenborg because of its internationality.”

Will they miss their home city, Saigon, and their family? “Oh, our parents made us promise to call every day,” laughs Xao Tien.

According to Xuong Long he won’t miss the hustle and bustle of Vietnam: “We have only been here a week, but I find the Netherlands very lovely. Very peaceful.”

WUP 31/5/2019
by James Wittenborg
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