Wittenborg Gains Austrian Recognition of its Programmes


Wittenborg Gains Austrian Recognition of its ProgrammesWittenborg has had its programmes recognised by the Austrian Accreditation authorities as Dutch degrees that can be offered in Austria.

Although the Netherlands and Austria have agreements to recognised each other's degrees, it is still important that Wittenborg is recognised in Austria as a degree awarding provider, and this process is now complete. The Netherlands and Austria both have higher education systems that are part of the European Higher Education Accreditation systems, for instance ENQA

Wittenborg opens its Vienna Campus in September, offering its BBA and MBA programmes there to students, from Apeldoorn and from around the world. The golden rule for the coming 18 months is that all students are required to study at least 1 year in the Netherlands. This will change when the Dutch government approves transnational campuses next year. From then, students in Vienna will be able to complete their whole programme in Vienna.

The Vienna campus however is primarily aimed at students who wish to study in at least two locations - two countries - with an additional possibility to follow a semester at Wittenborg's partner, the University of Brighton in the UK.

According to the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria:

'The Board of AQ Austria has decided in its meeting on 14/15 March 2017 the listing of the following degree programmes of WUAS in the record (see § 27 para 6 HS-QSG)

  • Bachelor International Business Administration  Programmes
  • Entrepreneurial Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Notification: https://www.aq.ac.at/en/notification-of-foreign-degree-programmes/notification%20of%20foreign%20degree%20programmes.php