Wittenborg Forms Strategic Partnership with ACCA

Wittenborg Forms Strategic Partnership with ACCA

Expanding Opportunities in Accounting and Finance

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently announced the renewal of their strategic partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The world's largest professional association of accountants, founded in 1914, ACCA is headquartered in London and operates in more than 170 countries. Also, it has more than 241,000 fully qualified members and 542,000 future members worldwide. ACCA offers the prestigious Chartered Certified Accountant qualification programme, which is of great value in the global job market. ACCA is committed to high-quality financial standards and provides its members with a wide range of services and resources to enhance their careers and support them through professional challenges. 

The partnership between Wittenborg and ACCA was established in 2018, and in the same year ACCA officially accredited Wittenborg's IBA Financial Services Management (FSM) specialisation for the first time. This initial accreditation was followed by a comprehensive assessment in February 2023, which resulted in the successful re-accreditation of the programme for another five years, until 31 December 2027. One of the significant benefits of this accreditation is that students enrolled in Wittenborg's IBA FSM programme are now eligible for exemptions in four of the 13 modules required for the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification offered by ACCA. The ACCA accreditation of the Bachelor of Business Administration - Financial Services Management from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will support students to continue a successful career in finance and accounting in the Netherlands and anywhere in the world.

With an extensive network of 240,952 members and 541,930 prospective members worldwide, ACCA is a prominent global professional accounting body. ACCA has more than 110 offices and centres in 51 countries and works with 346 Approved Learning Partners (ALP) and more than 7,600 Approved Employers worldwide, who are actively involved in employee development initiatives.

Luz Barreto, ACCA Western & Central Europe's Market Development Manager, visited Wittenborg's Brinklaan Campus on 21 June to strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions. Following their meeting, Wittenborg plans to pursue accreditation for their MBA and MSc Finance specialisations as well. This extended accreditation will give students in these programmes additional exemptions, further enhancing their prospects in the accounting and finance industry. In addition to academic cooperation, Wittenborg and ACCA have also discussed initiatives to provide Wittenborg students and graduates with internship opportunities and employment opportunities in accounting and finance. By working together, the institutions aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry and ensure that students are equipped with practical skills and relevant work experience. This collaboration between WUAS and ACCA marks an important milestone in accounting education.

With access to globally recognised qualifications, exemptions and professional networks, Wittenborg students are poised to excel in their careers and make valuable contributions to the accounting and finance sectors. As both institutions continue to explore collaborative opportunities, the future looks promising for aspiring accountants and finance professionals associated with Wittenborg.

WUP 07/09/2023
by Niels Otterman
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