Wittenborg Expands Educational Horizons in Indonesia

Wittenborg Expands Educational Horizons in Indonesia

Kejsi Hoxha Represents Wittenborg at the 15th European Higher Education Fair in Indonesia 

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is making significant strides in expanding its global outreach with a recent visit to Indonesia. This November, Kejsi Hoxha, Wittenborg's Agent Management Administrator, travelled to Surabaya and Jakarta to spotlight study opportunities at Wittenborg for students interested in pursuing education in the Netherlands.

Enthusiastic response in Surabaya and Jakarta

Hoxha represented Wittenborg at the 15th European Higher Education Fair (EHEF), a premier event showcasing opportunities for students interested in pursuing higher education in Europe. The first event took place on 8 November in Surabaya, followed by the second on 11 to 12 November in Jakarta, both proving notably successful.

"Despite Surabaya being smaller than Jakarta, I encountered numerous students enthusiastic about the prospect of studying abroad, with the Netherlands high on their list," she explained.

Hoxha recounted meeting a prospective student whose brother spoke highly of Wittenborg.

"She was eagerly anticipating a similar experience, having heard many positive stories from her brother."

These narratives encompassed Wittenborg's study programmes and student accommodation.

Hoxha noted that almost all students visiting Wittenborg's booth expressed keen interest in learning more about the university's programmes.

"They were particularly drawn to Wittenborg's Finance or Human Resources programmes. At both locations, students expressed concerns about the language of these programmes, but they were pleasantly surprised to discover that Wittenborg delivers all its programmes in English."

Productive meetings with agents

At Wittenborg, we collaborate with a dedicated network of agent representatives situated within students' home countries. These agents play a vital role, providing invaluable advice and assistance to students, guaranteeing well-informed decisions at every stage of their academic journey.

During her ten-day trip, Hoxha also conducted several meetings with some of these agents in Indonesia.  

Among these meetings was one with an agency that boasts three offices in Jakarta, and interestingly, Wittenborg stands as the sole business school in the Netherlands that they work with.

"These meetings were highly productive. Meeting agents face to face is always valuable, reinforcing our partnerships and providing more insights into Wittenborg's offerings and their operational set-ups."

Hoxha observed that agents in Indonesia are actively involved. She emphasised the importance of reiterating to agents that Wittenborg's study programmes are offered in English.

"Indonesia is an interesting market. Most students or parents I spoke to expressed a desire to send their children abroad. I also noticed that business degrees are in demand at the moment, so there was a lot of interest. Agents further informed me that, apart from information technology, students are particularly interested in business and hospitality. Fortunately, these are areas where Wittenborg excels, and I see potential success in these endeavours."

WUP 28/11/2023
by Erene Roux
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Wittenborg Expands Educational Horizons in Indonesia
Wittenborg Expands Educational Horizons in Indonesia
Wittenborg Expands Educational Horizons in Indonesia