Wittenborg continues its AACSB journey at ICAM 2019 in Edinburgh

Wittenborg University continues its AACSB journey at ICAM 2019 in Edinburgh, meeting business school deans and leaders from around the world.

Wittenborg (WUAS) was represented earlier this month at the AACSB ICAM conference in Edinburgh, by Professor Dr Ron Tuninga, Vice President Academic Affairs, and Dr Rauf Abdul, Head of the WUAS School of Business. ICAM is AACSB's yearly gathering, and the event brings together business school dean and leaders from around the world.

AACSB membership

WUAS has been an AACSB member for two years, and has embarked upon the preparations for AACSB accreditation, an institutional award which is globally recognised. The originally American AACSB and the Dutch accreditation authority NVAO have a partnership that allows for some overlap in recognition.

Benchmarks for Business Schools of the future

According to Wittenborg's Chair and President, Peter Birdsall, "In order to gain AACSB accreditation, a process that could take up to 7 years, WUAS will need, among other things, to further develop its quality system, clearly showing assurance of learning, increase its research-active faculty and essentially that its vision and strategy are reflected throughout it's programmes and working methodology."

Birdsall is convinced that international recognitions are essential for business schools to compete on a global market. "Our slogan that we launched this year - 'Better Yourself, Better Our World' will now become a clear driver to eventually show that students and staff are achieving their potential"

"AACSB membership and eventual accreditation are quickly becoming benchmarks for business schools across the world."

Wittenborg's vice president, Dr Ron Tuninga summed it up by saying 'One day, it will have become an international standard and instead of people wondering why you did it, they will ask 'why don't you have it?'

WUP 24/4/2019
by James Wittenborg
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