Wittenborg Congratulates Honor Students!

Achieving an honours degree can really kick-start your career as it demonstrates to future employers you are a dedicated student and outstanding performer.Wittenborg Congratulates Honor Students!

This summer, WUAS recognized two honours-graduates – in other words, students who achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 8.0 or higher. They are Maria Schmakova from Russia and Dutch student Desneige Kronenburg.

Maria says she chose to do a Bachelor IBA in Real Estate Management at Wittenborg because it is the only university in the Netherlands that provided the specialization she wanted in English. She also wished to study at a university of applied sciences because of the assistance it gives in securing an internship. She did her internship at the Gemeente Enschede, a Dutch municipality.

Her plans for the future includes finding a job in the Netherlands to determine her professional interests before moving to Germany. At some point she would also like to do a Master degree. Her advice to students in achieving your study goals is to “define your priorities and take responsibility”.

Dutch star student, Desneige, has more practical advice to international students coming to the Netherlands. “Make sure you can cycle and bring an umbrella.”

Desneige did a Double Degree European Bachelor in International hospitality Management (the so-called EuroBA that allows students to do part of their studies abroad).

“I’m glad the EuroBA allowed me to have a double degree from both Wittenborg and the University of Brighton in the UK,” she says about her study choice. Desniege did her internship at the Hilton hotel Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. She will now pursue a Master degree.,

WUP 16/8/2016

by Anesca Smith
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