Wittenborg celebrated new year together with its partners in Germany and Austria

Wittenborg celebrated new year together with its partners in Germany and Austria

Wittenborg celebrated New Year together with its Partners in Germany and Austria

During January, Wittenborg celebrated the start of 2020 with its education partners in Munich, Germany and Bad Voslau, Austria. WUAS’ staff met with students and teachers at both locations and held discussions with management about the collaboration and plans for developing the partnerships in 2020.

In Munich, WUAS hosted a special dinner for its teaching and support staff at the Wittenborg - New European College (NEC) campus, while in Bad Vöslau, at International Tourism Management (ITM) College, a New Year reception and dinner was held at which the new partnership with Wittenborg was launched.

Wittenborg-NEC campus

At the Wittenborg-NEC campus in Munich, director Peter Birdsall was joined by Wittenborg’s TNE* partnership manager, Myra Qui in Munich, where they met WUAS students and WUAS staff at the Wittenborg-NEC campus before a New Year dinner for teachers and administrators of NEC.

An agreement between WUAS and the New European College (NEC) in Germany means students can now also study Wittenborg's programmes in Munich, currently under the so-called '75-25% rule', according to Dutch Law; however, Wittenborg is currently in the formal process of TNE Validation, which is carried out by the Netherlands Ministry of Education and is expected to be completed before the summer.

a dinner reception at ITM College in Bad Vöslau

ITM College in Bad Vöslau

Last week, Birdsall was joined by Ruud Dost, chair of the Advisory Board for a dinner reception at ITM College in Bad Vöslau, to celebrate the start of a new calendar year and the official launch of the ITM-Wittenborg partnership.

The event was attended by Bad Vöslau's mayor and other dignitaries, also teachers, parents of students and alumni. The evening was prepared and catered for by ITM's hospitality management students, who created a wonderful international dinner buffet, where they showed off their culinary skills.

* TNE = trans-national education

WUP 30/1/2020
By James Wittenborg
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