Wittenborg Build Business Network at 2018 Vienna Africa Day

Wittenborg Build Business Network at 2018 Vienna Africa Day

WUAS has always had a high number of African students. With this in mind, Wittenborg’s international sales director, Tim Birdsall, attended the 2018  Vienna Africa Day, held this week in the Austrian city where Wittenborg opened an international campus last year.

Organised by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the goal of the event was to showcase companies that are marketing their products and expertise across the African continent.

However, Birdsall said that Wittenborg also had a second goal. “We have always had a strong presence of African students. They bring a lot of light, laughter and learning into our community. We would like to find companies where they can do their internships and use their valuable, local knowledge at the same time.

“Once we find a company that is interested in our students, they stay with us for years, so building relationships with local businesses is strategically very important to us.”

Africa Day was also hosted in Graz, Austria, on Wednesday.

WUP 4/2/2018

by James Wittenborg
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