Wittenborg-Brighton International Management Master programmes accredited!

Wittenborg-Brighton International Management Master programmes through validation process and given green light to start in September 2012!

The first joint programmes of WUAS and the University of Brighton (UK) was given the green light last week as the International MSc programmes in International Event Management and International Tourism Management completed their accreditation process at a partnership validation event held at the University of Brighton’s Eastbourne campus.

On Thursday, the validation panel, chaired by the University of Brighton’s deputy vice Chancellor Professor Stuart Laing approved the formal teaching and programme partnership between Wittenborg and Brighton. The Wittenborg-Brighton MSc programmes had already been approved after extensive documentation, due diligence and two visits by Brighton panels to the campus in Apeldoorn.

WUAS and University of Brighton MSc Validation Event Team 2012.jpg

The event in Eastbourne was supported by teaching and programme management staff from the University of Brighton, and Wittenborg was represented by its directors Maggie Feng and Peter Birdsall, Wittenborg Academic Dean and Head of the Research Centre, Dr Tuen Wolters, and Wittenborg’s MSc programme coordinator Annette Kappert-White.

The partnership means that the MSc programmes will be fully provided in Apeldoorn, jointly by a team of lecturers from Brighton and Wittenborg. Successful students will receive an internationally recognized Master of Science degree.

Director Peter Birdsall said in a reaction after the event ‘this is a fantastic opportunity for Wittenborg to grow and we hope the start of many such programmes with Brighton. It allows WUAS to pioneer international collaborative education at an academic level in the Netherlands. More than 50% of each module will be taught in Apeldoorn by lecturers of Brighton, and all marking right up to the dissertation will have the involvement of both parties. This very much sets it apart from many of the franchised UK master programmes at Dutch Universities of Applied Science and is aimed at Dutch and International students who want to gain an academic Master degree directly after their HBO Bachelor. It especially offers a great opportunity for WUAS students to continue their studies and graduate with an internationally recognized MSc degree.'

Both International Management programmes will be offered in both full time (1 year) and part time (2 years) variants and will include an optional work placement in the Netherlands.

For more information please send a request: http://www.wittenborg.eu/apply-msc-international-tourism-or-msc-international-event-management.htm