Why We Chose to Study in Holland

"Education is Affordable in the Netherlands"

What are the factors influencing international students to study in the Netherlands?

We conducted a small survey among our newly graduated internationals who have just received their degrees at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony.  

The most consistent answer seems to be that the Netherlands not only offers quality higher education, but also good value for money compared to other countries where English is widely-spoken, such as the UK or the US.


Other students confessed to much less lofty motivations. At least two students admitted they chose to study in the Netherlands because of a love for a Dutch football team. One of them is Han Cheng from China, who said on receiving his bachelor's degree diploma: “I am a big fan of Dutch football, so that is why I chose to study in the Netherlands. Now that the football team is not doing well, I will have to go back to China.”

Fojiya Chowdhury from Bangladesh said Holland’s famous tulip gardens were a big attraction. “I found the Netherlands more convenient compared to other European countries. The lifestyle, living standard and definitely the Tulip gardens attracted me a lot to choose the Netherlands as my study destination.”

Ghanian student, Jay Darko, who did an IBA in Marketing & Communication, says: “You get quality international education at a relatively cheaper cost while at the same time staying in one of the safest and happiest country in the world.”


Students also associate this factor with their prospects in the job market and growing academically. Australian student Marnix Doorman, who did an IBA in Hospitality Management, said: “I came to study in the Netherlands, because the country offers more opportunity to grow academically compared to Australia.”

Another high motivation factor for most international students is that the Netherlands consistently stays at the top in terms of the number of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. Many students listed this as one of the compelling reasons why they chose to study here combined with an openness for multiculturalism.

Marketing and Communication graduate, Rousanna Baird from Guyana, said: “The Netherlands has a chill atmosphere, English is widely spoken and it offers quality education that is more affordable than the UK, which was my first choice.”

WUP 10/8/2018

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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