Why a Ph.D. Graduate Chose Wittenborg to Complete Bachelor's in Marketing & Communication

Why a Ph.D. Graduate Chose Wittenborg to Complete Bachelor's in Marketing & Communication

"Studying Marketing & Communication at Wittenborg prepares me for a more strategic approach in my work" - Tulya Kavaklioglu

IBA (Top-up) Marketing & Communication student, Tulya Kavaklioglu, explains why studying at Wittenborg prepares her for a strategic approach in the field of marketing at her current internship at GenomeScan – a top Technical Center for Life Sciences in the Netherlands.

Why, as a Phd Student, would you study at bachelor's level?

According to Tulya, she was one of the top candidates for a position at Genomescan – a leading Techcentre for Life Sciences in the Netherlands. However, she lacked the background in Marketing, which was one of the required skills for the position. Therefore, by studying Marketing and Communication at Wittenborg, she is able to gain both theoretical knowledge in the field of Marketing & Communication and practical knowledge during her current internship at the company.

How is Marketing & Communication related to the fields you have studied previously?

Kavaklioglu elaborated that a combination of her experience in life sciences research and theatrical productions led her to develop a keen interest in the science of communication in the broader sense. Contributing to the communication between researchers, educators, policy makers, clinicians and the industry, to help stir the scientific developments according to our global needs for a better future, are very important aspects for her.

"Marketing and Communication is, therefore, valuable because one needs to learn not only the art of marketing but also the science of it."  This is where Wittenborg comes in, because they prepare students for both a strategic approach and the science of marketing as well. Kavaklioglu further explains that, although she has completed a series of courses online, she missed the class interaction that she now experiences at Wittenborg.  "Moreover, the internationally diverse environment makes learning interesting because there are so many different backgrounds to interact with, and, for instance, you can learn about someone else's food or culture... you learn something."

Where are you from and why have you decided to study in the Netherlands?
Tulya is originally from Turkey, and moved to the Netherlands about 4 years ago to study. Enrolling at Wittenborg in February this year for a one-year Top-Up programme in Marketing & Communication, Tulya is expected to graduate in February 2019. 

What are your plans after graduating?
"I would like to continue at the company I currently intern at – to develop and grow within the organisation. My internship provides the foundation, and when I have completed my studies, I would like to focus on the job market – probably staying here."

Tulya advises students who are about to start their internships to consider their own interests and to contact people in those fields, to start acquiring the knowledge and experience that will be beneficial later when applying for jobs from a competitive position.

We wish Tulya much success with her internship and future plans!

WUP 13/8/2018

by Rousanna Baird
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