What Wittenborg's New Student Representatives Want to Achieve

Student Representatives Want to Act as Conduit Between Students and University

Ten students from diverse backgrounds have been elected as WUAS new Student Representatives.  They started their year-long tenure this month. The group encompasses a diversity of nationalities and cultures, both master's and bachelor's students, representing students from both Wittenborg's main campus in Apeldoorn and Wittenborg Amsterdam.

Terry Nana

Terry Nana, a bachelor's student from Cameroon, was elected as president of the Student Representatives. He said one of his goals is to strengthen the relationship between students and lecturers as well as boosting sport activities among students. The other members are Laura Serrano, Cynthia Acevedo, Ha Yen Quynh, Salma Sierra, Lauretta Nyamutswa, Shiolim Dsilva, Alp Arda Yalman, Calvin Raj Fernandes and Majida Khanum. They can be contacted at studentreps@wittenborg.eu.

Majida Khanum

Unity on Campus

MBA student Majida Khanum from Pakistan, who studies at Wittenborg Amsterdam, wants to make sure that the student representatives body is approachable and that students trust them. "My aim is to improve overall student experience for everyone who comes from different nationalities. I believe in unity at the campus and giving everyone a fair chance to express their views regardless of nationality, religion or gender."

Cynthia Acevedo

Cynthia Acevedo, a bachelor's student from Guatemala, wants to promote an innovative student environment and make a contribution to students' mental health.

Shiolim Dsilva

Bridge between Faculty and Students

For Shiolim Dsilva, an MBA student from India who studies in Apeldoorn, the attention given to student mental health is also important. He would like to see the student representatives act as a bridge between the faculty bodies and students.

Arda Yalman

Alp Arda Yalman, a Turkish student who is doing an EBA at Wittenborg Amsterdam, joined the institution in October 2018. He sees himself as a creative person. "I would like to bring a bit of creativity to Wittenborg as well." He creates his own animations and also enjoys drawing and photography. For now, he is working with the students on organising student communities that will make students proud to study at Wittenborg.

Yen Quynh

Ha Yen Quynh is an MBA student from Vietnam would love to see more guest lecturers and promote a more practical learning approach.

Laura Serrano

Laura Serrano, a bachelor's student from Colombia who has her own blog on life as a student in Apeldoorn, wants to make a case for more interactive learning at Wittenborg.

Salma Sierra

Salma Sierra, a student from Mexico, pledged to listen to the opinions of students and promote their engagement with the university. She was recently privileged to meet the new mayor of Apeldoorn, Ton Heerts.

Laureta Nyamutswa

Laureta Nyamutswa from Zimbabwe wants to contribute to a positive student experience for all students studying at Wittenborg and see the student representatives as their advocates.

Calvin Fernandez

MBA student, Calvin Fernandez studies at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Fernandez says he wants to promote more practical learning approaches, which includes industrial visits. 


Promote more practical learning approaches like industrial visits

WUP 27/2/2020
by James Wittenborg
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