Volunteers Step Up for Wittenborg's Job Fair Central Netherlands

Volunteers Step Up for Wittenborg's Job Fair Central Netherlands

In their Own Words: Volunteers Reflect on Experiences

On 6 June, Wittenborg students stepped up in numbers to volunteer at the second edition of the Job Fair Central Netherlands. Held at the Spoorstraat Campus in Apeldoorn, the day saw a significant turnout, with 360 visitors and 11 companies and organisations participating.

Sophia Faraji, External Relations & Events Manager at Wittenborg, highlighted the invaluable role played by student volunteers during the recent event.  

Volunteers had the opportunity to assist with event set up on the day of the fair, support company representatives at their stands, provide guidance and information to attendees, and ensure the smooth operation of the entire event.  

According to Sophia, these experiences not only enriched students' skills and professional networks but also contributed significantly to the overall success and positive atmosphere of the event. Here is some of the volunteers' feedback:  

Turning Volunteering into Employment

Nwosu Ikenna Emmanuel from Wittenborg's Marketing Communication & Information (MCI) department wanted to volunteer to "have an edge" when meeting the companies’ representatives, and it really paid off.  

Nwosu connected with one of the exhibitors from OVSoftware, and through their common connections on LinkedIn, he was offered a position. "After all the back and forth, I came into the event unemployed and went home employed! I had a wholesome experience. The prospect of finding a job can be daunting, but with determination and a little guidance, your dreams can become a reality."

Personal Growth and Development

Kansiime Brendah, currently pursuing a Master of Business Management (MBM) specialising in Logistics and Trade, was motivated to develop new skills, gain confidence and enhance her personal development.  

She sees volunteering as giving back to the community or institution. She recalls a moment when Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng shared some sound advice: "Be honest, work hard, stay humble, have the right attitude, say yes to an opportunity before asking questions and you will go places." Kansiime adds, "Those words linger in my mind every single day. They were the most exciting and educative words I have heard since I came to the Netherlands and the best I have heard from a CEO in my entire life."

Masoumeh Mahmoudi, studying for her MBA (Master of Business Administration) in education, enjoys talking with people from different cultures. "Working in a team makes me feel strong. I suppose that's because we can be together as a team to do our job expertly. I made friends [as a volunteer at the job fair], I learned to organise and to manage. I would like to be a volunteer in other capacities as it leads to opportunities."

Bahareh Rezaei Monazah, a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Iran, has a desire connect with new people and create a more vibrant student life.

Her time volunteering at the job fair proved to be a valuable networking opportunity. "I had the chance to interact with representatives from various companies across different industries. These conversations broadened my understanding of the job market and potential career paths. Volunteering provided opportunities to develop critical real-world skills. During the fair, I honed my communication and teamwork abilities, and volunteering served as a platform for building a strong network of professional contacts."

Bahareh’s advice to students considering volunteering is clear: "Volunteering at Wittenborg offers students a fantastic way to hone essential skills for future careers. Current volunteers suggest seeking opportunities that align with specific areas of interest, such as communication roles at job fairs, teamwork in event planning, research by assisting professors, or leadership through organising events. Additionally, they encourage students to embrace opportunities that challenge them to step out of their comfort zones. Engaging in unfamiliar activities can lead to unexpected personal and professional growth, making the volunteer experience both rewarding and transformative."

Why Students Should Volunteer

Hossein Safaee, currently pursuing a Master of Business Management in Digital Marketing & Communication, said, "The event had a really positive and collaborative vibe. I met great people and it really boosted my teamwork skills. Plus, you learn from experienced event staff. Keep an eye on the Wittenborg website or emails for openings, and don't worry about scheduling conflicts – they usually offer flexible hours."

To encourage more students to volunteer, Hossein suggests that "Wittenborg can supercharge its volunteer programme by promoting opportunities across various channels, emphasising benefits like skill development and networking. Recognising volunteers publicly and partnering with local organisations for diverse experiences would also be a win."  

WUP 03/07/2024 
by Erene Roux 
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