Unlocking Career Success: Wittenborg Offers Career-Boosting Module

Unlocking Career Success: Wittenborg Offers Career-Boosting Module

Students Urged to Register for Wittenborg's Career-Enhancing Module in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam is offering students a unique opportunity to boost their career prospects through the Work Experience Preparation Module. This module, open to all students, takes place twice a year, with four sessions each in September and February. Its primary aim is to equip students with valuable insights into career design and the essentials for securing internships and dream jobs.


Unlocking Career Success: Wittenborg Offers Career-Boosting Module

The keys to employability

Sophia Faraji, External Relations & Events Manager in Apeldoorn, highlights the critical aspects covered in the module, including crafting impactful CVs, writing compelling cover letters and optimising LinkedIn profiles. "These skills are not just essential during the initial job hunt but remain relevant throughout one's entire career journey," she explains. She adds that employability is a key focus, emphasising the importance of networking and efficient job searching. 

Navigating the modern job search landscape

In today's digital era, leveraging LinkedIn effectively is paramount. LinkedIn's growing significance is evident, with eight people hired through the platform every minute and 117 job applications submitted every second. 

Sophia highlights that in addition to discovering internships and job opportunities on LinkedIn, students can also develop strong professional networks, gain industry insights and position themselves as competitive job candidates, which is exactly why LinkedIn is a key topic covered in this module.

Internship FAQs

The Work Experience Preparation Module will further address common pitfalls to avoid and clarify internship-related rights and obligations, such as insurance changes, 'zorgtoeslag' applications, and internship allowances.

Xiaoli Wu, Support Office & External Relations Coordinator in Amsterdam, expresses the module's aim to empower students with practical career development skills. "Our goal is to ensure that students are well-prepared with the necessary practical career development skills."

Wittenborg's commitment

Wittenborg's commitment to career development extends beyond this module. Wittenborg's business school regularly shares job vacancy information from various companies through the Wittenborg Connect platform, providing students with a convenient platform for applications. Wittenborg Connect also promotes numerous networking events and activities, offering students opportunities to refine their hard and soft skills. 

WUP 13/09/2023

by Erene Roux

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