Unique Introduction Days for new students starting Block 6

Sophia Faraji in the Online Session

Unique Introduction Days for new students starting at Wittenborg in Block 6

At the end of March, WUAS had its introduction days for block 6 of the 2019-2020 academic year. The introduction days were quite unique this block as they took place online. The Dutch government decided that all schools and universities should close on the 13th of March forcing WUAS to move all its activities online. WUAS staff adapted the introduction day activities that usually happen at the WUAS campuses into online sessions detailing information such as how to navigate Wittenborg Online, the role of a WUAS process tutor and adapting to life in the Netherlands.

How were the introduction days conducted?

The sessions were delivered through ClickMeeting by staff members who were involved in the planning and execution of these sessions. 22 students participated in the online sessions, 17 of whom are here in the Netherlands while the other 5 were in their home countries. The new students had several questions about the delivery of education online owing to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The most pressing concern for the students was about how they will work in study groups at a time of social distancing.

Lasantha de Silva & Sophia Faraji during Introduction Day sessions

Technology Essential

Students were also curious about how long the online learning will continue for and while no one can say for sure, the success of these online introduction days is encouraging for both students and staff. One of the new students commented during one session, “Thank you very much for the introduction. I am thoroughly satisfied at the moment by this online class. Have a good day.” While these introduction days were a new experience for both the students and staff, both parties were satisfied with the outcome as students felt they received enough information and comprehensive answers to their questions. These introduction days served as a reminder of just how important technology has become to society today and WUAS is committed to doing its best to facilitate online teaching in order to support its students during this time.  

WUP 6/4/2020
by Olivia Kawuma
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