The troubled Dutch labour market and education

Dr Teun Wolters Rabobank’s CIO is not the only one who is worried about the Dutch ICT labour market (Management Scope 30-11-2011).  According to him, linking processes and people, matching ICT and commerce fail to be on the universities (of applied sciences)’ agendas.  However, for demographic and economic reasons, it is expected that within a few years there will be an enormous shortage of well-educated ICT workers.

 ICT companies, governments and schools need to work together to create attractive courses that imbed ICT in management thinking and sustainable value creation.  For students, these courses can become attractive by opening up possibilities to combine learning with practice in reputable companies.  And by offering interesting job opportunities.

Unfortunately, the present economic low tide makes long-term thinking problematic. Next year’s budgets tend to capture most attention. Therefore, both at national and local levels, there is a need for visionary leadership and creative thinking. From what I have seen until now, Wittenborg is willing to contribute to this forward looking process. Its international outlook, in particular, helps to throw new light on feasible educational programmes, also in the area of ICT education. 

Dr Teun Wolters

WUP 16/07/2012

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