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 Wittenborg University Corporate Development (WUCD)

Wittenborg University Corporate Development (WUCD)

Wittenborg University Corporate Development offers corporate organisations the opportunity to invest in development programmes for staff . Staff will receive excellent applied learning and receive recognised credits towards Bachelors and Masters degrees.
Each module is offered in a number of European Credits, an academic year equates to 60 credits.
Credits in all modules are part of Wittenborg University programmes, have European accreditation, and are internationally recognised.

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Pipeliner Sales provides training, consulting and planning services, specifically for the sales environment.

Dealing with your sales function effectively through an innovative and conceptual team sales approach aimed at pipeline sales consulting, teaching you a consultative selling methodology through training and software.

years successful training, we have created software that supports the Pipeliner methods.

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Marketing at the Highest Level in the Netherlands!

De Tempo-cursus NIMA-B 1&2

De Tempo-cursus NIMA-B 1&2

De Tempo-cursus NIMA-B 1&2 is een nieuwe en snelle manier om klaargestoomd te worden voor het NIMA B Examen.

Ook is er nu een crash course Examentraining voor mensen die de eerste keer het examen niet gehaald hebben en een herkansing nodig hebben. Dit kan voor het onderdeel NIMA B 1 en/of B2.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences biedt respectievelijk vanaf september en oktober deze mogelijkheden aan.

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Speaker Training for doctors at medical conferences and symposiums

Speakermedica provides “speaker training and presentation skills” for delegates at medical conferences. “We develop the delegate’s ability to deliver persuasive, logical presentations to small and large audiences. We demonstrate the best way to deal with the technology, and how to maximise the effect of body language”

Our conference services include:

Seminars:       1-2 hour presentations
Workshops:    From 2 hours to 2 days, integrating the speaker training with the medical content
Coaching:       Individual coaching sessions for physicians and KOLs
Logistics:        Stage management, slide formatting and moderation for slide review sessions.

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Wittenborg Net, or Wi-Net...

stands for the Wittenborg University Network, which is the interface between the Wittenborg University students and real life business projects. Wittenborg Net is committed to providing the business school students with authentic business environments that they can study, and sometimes participate in. Wittenborg Net aims to create new brands, create and support new companies – for and together with its business school students. The Network currently supports eight active business brands in the area of consultancy, training, research, labour supply, and website solutions. Furthermore, Wi-Net provides students with a platform in which they can develop business models and plans, without taking personal risk.

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The most important functionality for a small to medium sized enterprise is to be able to edit the content of a website quickly and efficiently, WITHOUT needing to be a programmer, or to have specific skills in website control.

This means your descriptions; text elements and bullet points can be changed whenever you need to – as easily as changing a word document.

The Wittenborg infrastructure guarantees that whatever languages you need your website to be in, we can translate your text to the level where it reflects exactly the content you send us at the beginning.

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WiNet Training Partner

Presentation Skills

In-House Consulting

Principled Negotiating

Train the Trainer

Insights Discovery Profiles

Dealing with customer complaints

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Leadership – DC is as much a project as a product offering. We are in the unique position of having more than enough work, and the thing that unites us is the wish to represent the superlative DC approach available.

We wish to raise the awareness that far more can be done with the DC approach, and that we believe that the DC format is the future for many different Training and Development initiatives.

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