Tim Birdsall on Presentation Skills in Macedonia

Tim Birdsall on Presentation Skills in Macedonia

From Vietnam to Eastern Europe, Tim continues his “presentation skills” workshop tour making his first stop in Skopje, Macedonia.

One of Wittenborg’s core values is to build and maintain relationships around the world, and visiting these countries on a regular basis is instrumental in doing just that. Wittenborg started collaborating with its Macedonian local country representatives (LCRs) at the beginning of 2017. LCRs are often responsible for organising their own education fairs, inviting educational institutions and students from their towns and cities to open up perceptions of international education on a local level.  "Wittenborg is happy to be a part of that whole process," says Tim

Tim Birdsall on Presentation Skills in Macedonia

In October 2017, Wittenborg was the main sponsor of the Skopje LCR fair, and as a part of the sponsorship deal, it was agreed that Tim would return in March to conduct a series of presentation skills workshops. These took place at private and public schools, speaking to students between the ages of 16-18 who are considering their future educational possibilities. Tim admitted, "The whole motivation is different when walking into a class of high-school students. The presentation workshop has to be very interesting and was warmly received – with a lot of humour!

"People in Macedonia are great fun and have a wonderful zest for life – they don't take kindly to getting bored too easily. Therefore, the presentations need to move fast with a lot of activities, which was very successful and well received."
Following on the success of this year's trip, Wittenborg intends to return soon to continue and build on Tim's good work.

WUP 9/4/2018

By Rousanna Baird
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