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First Project Week of New Academic Year Features Interview with One of Apeldoorn's Biggest Employers

As part of the first Project Week assignment for bachelor's degree students in the new academic year, Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng spoke to the managing director of one of the biggest employers in the Apeldoorn region, Centraal Beheer, about the importance of good cooperation between local government, business and educational institutions like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

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Happy Easter - Wittenborg Staff, 'You've Got Mail'

The Wittenborg family had a pleasant, wonderful surprise in the mail this week. Each one of its staff members received a large bar of luxurious, scrumptious, hand-made chocolate from the Executives. It was a small token and kind gesture of appreciation and gratitude to all Wittenborg staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the last weeks in order to keep the university learning going.