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Online Learning: A Chance to Prepare Ourselves for the Future

Like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, its partner in Munich, New European College, has transitioned to become a virtual campus (temporarily) and all lectures are being conducted online. Two of its students, Lovinder Singh from India and Alina Davydova from Russia, spoke to the news team via video about embracing change in uncertain situations and adapting to their new online environment.

New Timetables, Online Courses in Moodle, Office365 and Teams with Video in Stream - Life at Wittenborg Continues Online

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has shown its agility by quickly moving its education to online delivery, even for new students who were supposed to arrive for the March start, and who cannot yet travel. Within a short period of time, since the announcement to 'work from home' on March 14th, WUAS has published new timetables for block 6, implemented a link between the online material in Moodle with Office365 and Teams, and increased its support for the online delivery of its modules in Block 6.

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