Sustainability in Focus: Guest Lecture Discusses Renewable Energy Transition

Sustainability in Focus: Guest Lecture Discusses Renewable Energy Transition

Session Delivered by Expert Rhys Bullman to Group of MBM Students

To discuss the increasing importance of Global Renewable Energy Markets and corporate sustainability practices, Wittenborg invited sustainability and biodiversity expert Rhys Bullman to deliver a guest lecture to a group of MBM students on 12 February. The activity was coordinated by Head of the School of Business Rauf Abdul and also attended by the president of Wittenborg, Peter Birdsall.  

Bullman’s presentation covered the significance of the transition to renewable energy globally and the targets and commitments that countries and lending banks have made to ensure this happens. Additionally, it focused on the relevance of the International Finance Corporations Performance Standard for Biodiversity and what renewable energy developers must do to ensure that there is no net loss of biodiversity.  

During the session, the guest lecturer delved into the threats posed by climate change and some of the main current conventions, agreements and other initiatives aimed at limiting the increase in temperature while preserving the environment and biodiversity. These included the Paris Agreement, COP 28 and CMS COP 14, as well as sustainability-driven projects conducted in various countries and regions by different organisations.  

“The main message I wanted to convey to students was that they should always follow their hearts and what inspires them most when developing their careers. Secondly, I wanted to show how much emphasis lending banks place on environmental and social sustainability. I also wanted to highlight the opportunities for master’s students in the renewable energy industry and the demand for their skills as project managers in this field,” Bullman underlined. 

He said that the students were very attentive and asked insightful questions during the activity. “It was a pleasure to present to the students and I felt very welcome doing it. All the school staff involved in making the talk happen were extremely helpful.” 

MBM student Rosita Sayyarshahrestani, specialising in Digital Marketing and Communication, said that, in her view, the key takeaway from the guest lecture was recognising the multifaceted nature of large projects. “Project managers must be aware of various factors, including the presence of endangered birds or other animal species. Depending on the project’s scale, its implications may extend to the local environment and community, among other considerations. In today’s context, with increasing awareness of sustainability and clean energy, it is imperative to consider all environmental aspects of a project. Our efforts should prioritise minimising our ecological footprint on the planet.” 

She added that the activity also provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about the practical side of the industry and business activities. “Engaging in conversations with industry professionals who possess extensive managerial and hands-on experience can present valuable opportunities. By doing so, we can compare our theoretical knowledge with what has a real impact on projects and industries. This offers us genuine insight into the realities of the industry and its operations.”

WUP 14/05/2024

by Ulisses Sawczuk

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