Wittenborg Student Spoke to the Chinese Ambassador on Prevention of COVID-19

Supporting the Chinese Embassy with COVID-19-Related Matters

Supporting the Chinese Embassy with COVID-19-Related Matters

WUAS IBA student Shanfeng Lu represented Chinese students in Apeldoorn by joining a webinar organised by the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands about the prevention of COVID-19. More than 20 Chinese student representatives from all over the Netherlands joined the webinar recently.

Lu briefed the Chinese Ambassador about the situation of Chinese students at WUAS. There have been no positive cases of COVID-19 and the students are both in great mental and physical states. He is now working together with the Chinese Embassy to mobilise local medical care assistance, distribute epidemic-prevention supplies and resources to help Chinese students for the area of Apeldoorn and Deventer.

Lu and his friends are running a WhatsApp support group to assist Wittenborg's Chinese students with questions, news updates and general inquiries, such as where to buy medical supplies or how to keep up with the crisis. He also welcomes other Chinese students from neighbouring universities to contact him when help is needed. Contact should be made to the Chinese Student Union of Apeldoorn via apeldoorncn@yahoo.com.

WUP 8/4/2020
by Dadi Chen and Sylvia Effendi
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