Summer is here!

What to do this summer in the Netherlands

What to do this summer in the Netherlands

Despite many of us leaving the Netherlands for our Summer holidays, there are still quite a few that will be enjoying the beautiful, predictable weather that the Netherlands has to offer. With that in mind, there are many things you can do this summer. Don’t worry, an average student budget will constantly be considered in each activity I find for this article.

First things first, the Netherlands is world famous for its variety of music festivals. It is speculated that every Dutch person’s heart beats in tune with the music that they are listening to… crazy right? Anyway, listed below are a few festivals held in the Netherlands which cost 50€ or less per ticket:

Summer is here!

- Wonderland Festival Outdoor 2019
    Where? Amsterdam, Netherlands When? July 13th Costs: €30.50 Genre: Electronic
- Guilty Pleasure Festival 2019
    Where? Amsterdam, Netherlands When? July 27th-28th Costs: €36.95 Genre: Pop
- City Sounds 2019 - Open Air Concerts Amsterdam
    Where? Amsterdam, Netherlands When? August 3rd-6th Costs: €40 Multi-genre

These are just some festivals. However, you can search here for many more festivals that are going on this summer in the Lands of Nether.

Now, if music festivals ain’t your thing, and you prefer to spend your time in chill spots, I got you! Of course, I need to mention the beach in Scheveningen, near The Hague. For those who don’t know, it is one of the most popular beaches in Holland which has a pier, beach bars and a lot of fun people! You can either find a quieter place on the beach to read or take a nap while bathing in the sun. Or, you can get crazy and eat some amazing “Kibbeling” (fried fish) on the pier while consuming a lot of liquid, and have a silly-goose time!

Summer is here!

Finally, if there are any lazy peeps like myself that plan on staying in Apeldoorn… Don’t you worry, I got you too fam! If you want to sit down and relax, the Oranjepark is for you. There is lots and lots of space, nature and peace for you to enjoy reading, listening to music or podcasts. Another activity that can be really interesting is visiting the Apenhaul. Have you ever watched a cute YouTube video about monkeys and laughed till you cried? Well, imagine seeing them in real life! It is quite mind-blowing, speaking from experience here! Other fun activities consist of an Escape Room, a bowling alley, billiards/darts, a public pool and many bars located in the Centrum of Apeldoorn!

We at Wittenborg hope you all have a great summer, wherever you are. Enjoy the time off and we will see you in two months.

WUP 9/7/2019
by Matthew Skelhorne
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